Yemen – IS Motorbike Assassins


The video is titled “The state of Sanaa // || windows visible from the land of Yemen ||”  and has all the immediately noticeable traits of Islamic State aligned media outlets. Subtle differences appear in the splinter like offshoots that produce the videos or edited collages of battle scenes and fire fights. The most evident being the placement of the Islamic State Flag flapping in the top left corner, where other productions will place the watermark in the top right with the breeze flowing left to right.This maybe little to base a critical analysis on, but it is still a simple and easy way to spot the production and release conduit and their integrity.

The video below shows the attack on a house and the killing of a number of defenceless men in cold blood. The attackers ride up on motorbikes, surprising the occupants of the house and then shoot the men. Due to their prevalence in attacks, motorbikes were banned in Sanaa, (here).

The full video can be seen (here).