Wikileaks’ sword of Damocles stuff

Christmas Eve 2014, Wikileaks learns an inconvenient truth regarding the pseudopod Kraken,..Google.

It has become a known fact that Google have been in cahoots with the spooks, and for quiet a while…

Google notified Wikileaks ‘targets’ on the 23rd December 2014, via email about the warrants.


Now Wikileaks wants to know why it took so long for Google to say anything, let alone if they actively litigated against the warrants, not to mention concerns regarding privileged information between counsel – client privacy minefields.

The press conference will reveal new evidence of the ongoing attempts of the United States government to bring an Espionage Act prosecution against WikiLeaks speakers will address the press on the US ‘espionage’ investigation against WikiLeaks and the related matter of Sweden’s ongoing obstruction of Mr. Assange’s asylum, immediately after Sweden’s Universal Periodic Review session at the UN Human Rights Council.”

A similar incident had occurred with Twitter accounts of Wikileaks staff in 2011,(here) however Twitter were quick to notify the subjects and litigation,(here) in various forms has taken place.

Mr Assange had even discussed this exact subject with Google boss Eric Schmidt at the now infamous June 23rd 2011 lunch meeting.*

Eric Schmidt :I can certainly pass your request to our general counsel.

The Wikileaks release, (here) and full press release (here), are the arrow tips of the return volley

On Monday, 26 January 2015, Sweden must respond to human rights concerns from the UN Human Rights Council over its continued obstruction (with the United Kingdom) of Mr Assange’s asylum. Judge Baltasar Garzón, who is the Legal Director for Julian Assange’s legal team, will be at the UN with the published search warrants on 26 January to speak to the press following Sweden’s response.”



Michael Ratner  to Eric Schmidt CEO Google (here)

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