Turkish Soldiers Burnt Alive

The nineteen minute video from Halab has a clear message to Erdogan, the Turkish President. Starting with the fire fight in Al-Bab which proceeds the final event, the immolation of two Turkish Soldiers. The video details the attack showing the ATGM strikes against Leopard-2A4 MBT’s, 21st December in which sixteen Turkish soldiers were killed and thirty one injured. The video includes the now ubiquitous drone vision, as suicide bombers drive VBIED’s into the post, followed with ground vision of the aftermath from the counter strikes in retaliation from EuphratesShield. (10th Dec-tribune.com)

The dialogue spoken in Turkish, and delivered Daesh rant style, berating the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and calling for “destruction to be sown” in Turkey. 



One of the men is believed to be Sefer Taş, who was abducted November 2015. 

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Turkey soon after the video release blocked the following social media platforms.


UPDATE – Turkey authorities have arrested thirty one people. (tribune.com)

UPDATE : Rumiyah 5 January 2017