Turkey – Reina Nightclub shooting








A single gunman has attacked a nightclub in Turkey killing thirty nine people and injured sixty eight, four critically. Reina is a popular nightclub which has patrons from all parts of the world. The stategic location of the club should be noted as it backs on to a river and has a small car park around a slightly curved road at its front. 

These details would have no doubt worked in favour of the lone attacker. Cover is provided for an attack on the entrance, as well as providing a staging area, (change into costume providing haemo splatter protection), which is out of sight from security. An escape would also involve such elements as the lone gunman “vanished” from the scene and is still at large.

The repetitiveness of terror attacks on Turkey have left the people numb, as if accepting that this type of event is a part of modern Turkish times. This acquiescence must be removed from a populous mind set as it does nothing but allow terror to become normalised, something which should never be allowed to happen in a society.

Front entrance (below)


View from car park to venue entrance (below)


The rear of venue (below)


Reflection in traffic mirror, looking down street towards car park area (below)



UPDATE – Lakhe Mashrapov – “well-trained gunman from Kyrgyzstan who had learnt how to fight in the Syrian war.” 



UPDATE – Suspected Kurdish militants kill two in car bombing in Turkey’s Izmir (here)

Update Jan 17 2017  – (Haaretz)