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Flames of War – Three

Fifty five minute video Al Hayat released as a part three to the Flames Of War series. The English narration with its stylised nuances explains the history up to the present time of Islamic State.

The video with its slow motion RPG rocket firing is padded together with battle vision from previous releases, (for example the image below is seen in part three) together with production voice over audio and some off the shelf fire transitions add to the impact which the narrative attempts to impose.

The video ends with men digging a trench as English translations run over the lower third, the scene ends with their execution.


Flames Of War -2 

Flames of War – September 2014


Assad Interview – 31 May 2018

RT interview* with Syrian President Assad 

*(video is uploaded as fair use for non-profit educational purposes)


June 10 2018 – interview with Hala Javel (here)

2015 Interview Iranian Khabar TV channel October 4th 2015 – (tangentcode) which includes Pravda Interview from October 2016

SBS Australia Interview July 1st, 2016- (tangentcode)

Amaq – February 17 2018 – Bahra

Amaq watermarked video allegedly showing Deash holding back the PKK in the vicinity of Bahra countryside.

*This is part of the attacks shown in “Inside the Caliphate – 7

The only issue here is that this is a staged one way fire fight. 

Not releated but incidental is this map showing returning Foreign Fighters.

Amaq – 15 – 19 November 2017



Three Amaq releases from 15th November to 19th 2017. The first shows the aftermath of Russian Bombing in Albukumal, the second is a suicide bombing, 16th November in Kabul which catches one of the possible perpetrators in full view.


Third is an attack on what looks like an artillery position or tank.


Amaq – 22nd July – September 2017 (tangentcode) + (tangentcode)


Raqqah – April 2017

Twenty two minute video, with Indonesian subtitles, showing POV fighting, some drone bombings, and a number of  fire fights sewn together with the obligatory beheading scene and the overly emotional rant. The details in the video are what make this production interesting. 

Note the battle patches..

And from July 2016 this comparison graphic and the battle patch significance