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Mindanao – July 2018 Offensive

Mindanao, Philippines Government forces clear out thirty militants with allegiance to Daesh. Similarities can be drawn upon from the Marawi siege (tangentcode) & (tangentcode) almost a year to this month which left Marawi a heavily damaged ghost city.(The Atlantic) – video below

There are also concerns about Asian Isis fighters coming back from the Middle East possibly seeking refuge in the Philippines.

Australia – Philippines – helping to build capacity

 Parliament question time, November 14th, 2017 with defence minister Marise Payne outlining Australia’s continued support in the eradication of Deash in the region. In June 2017 the exercise was “downgraded” (here)

The joint  security exercise (here) from Novembver 19th, 2017.

Australian AP3C Orion surveillance planes supported the Armed Forces of the Philippines against terrorist groups in Marawi City. Although the crises was declared over in October, mopping up and clearing operations continue.”


Inside the Khalifah-3- Marawi

Video released via Al Hayat as the third video in the series “Inside the Khalifah” (Part 1 & Part 2). This release centres around the Marawi Clashes which have been at flash point for months. (July 20th)


The video contains the desecration of a Church and  the destruction of Christian iconography including tearing up images of the Pope. The interviews with finger pointing rants and some basic and poorly executed drone images string along in the usual Al Hayat storyboard. Introduction, fire fight, smashing things, posed rant, some drone vision, looting, fade to black.

Propellars in frame (top left)

Report from Philippines Public TV August 21st, 2017.

Most Powerful Buttonhole – Al Battar – Philippines


Eleven minute video from Al Battar media, which views as ‘fan art‘ production. The video starts with a collage of  Baghdadi speeches accompanied with Engish translation graphics as music from the August, 2015 “Fisballah“, (tangentcode) accompanies the colours and sounds which are exaggerated  to produce a similar visual effect.

Further references –  “The Solid Edifice“, June 2016 (tangentcode)  & Philippines – Flags and Bay’ah” (tangentcode) “Marawi – 20 July 2017” (tangentcode


The content then redirects to the Philippines along with the January ASEAN 2017 (pdf) meeting references, and past clashes between Moro and Government, the video ending with the obligatory rant and allegiances to the new brand. One of the transistion graphics with large text spells out the word “Trustworthy”  and is profoundly presented, interspersed with scenes of training and flag waving, flag waving and training.

Image below and similar can be seen in the early 2016 videos listed top of page.

AbuAbdillah al Muhajir

Marawi – 20 July 2017

Near two minutes Amaq video released from Marawi, Philippines showing Islamic extremist forces fire fight dated 20th July 2017. (tangentcode)

January 7, 2016  – “Philippines – flags and Bay’ah” tangentcode 

June 9, 2017  – “South Western Pacific Asia – Tiger in the Room” tangentcode