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Islamic State – North Baghdad October 2018

Nearly nineteen minute video released from North Baghdad made up of sections of video files shown in a postcard type storyboard up to recent times including VBIED attacks. Executions feature as most of the content of second half of the release showing the victims in military uniforms or in post of public office along with the building in rubble.

Note – bottom left hand corner of the frame below you can see the clip layer which is being used as audio.This is why “detach audio” exists. Very rare to see this error.


More – June 28, 2018 (iraqinews dot com)

State of North Baghdad – an ambush in the area Aldhabtih

The undated video is an ambush of a small armoured car and the subsequent murder of one of the captured soldiers.

Live fire elements and the constant shrieking of “Allah akbah” dissolve any thoughts that this is a video game, or a staged event.NumberPlate

The insurgents fire automatic weapons and at times throw hand grenades at passing trucks on a highway. Eventually one vehicle is incapacitated, and the armed group over run it and loot the ammunition and even pull a ballistics vest of one of the dead soldiers.

Another soldiers is taken captive who speaks briefly in a ‘confession’ and is later murdered. This is followed by an image of the cache of weapons this group has amassed, presumable from similar such attacks.

The concept of arming a small guerrilla group through ambush is not a new one, however the defiling of the dead bodies sets a wide mark away from any sensibilities and shows a dark agenda which has no place in a modern world.