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Myanmar – Brutal 2021

March 31st 2021

Eleven men were killed and five others were injured in a Myanmar military airstrike on a gold-panning site in an area under the control of the Karen National Union (KNU)’s Brigade 3 in Shwekyin Township, Nyaunglebin District, Bago Region.

March 27th 2021


Child Marriage – Melbourne 2017

The case of the Imam who married an asylum seeker from Myanmar and fourteen year old girl has been re-opened for another publicly bleeding. Back in February 2017 it was alleged Noble Park Imam, Ibrahim Omerdic presided over a marriage in September 2016, between a thirty year old man and a fourteen year old minor. (The Age).

Ibrahim Omerdic

In April 2017 the sacked Imam was found guilty.

Mohammad Shakir

Side Note, but still important…

The ABC reports seem ‘confused’, as firstly the man’s identity is “suppressed” , yet in the same paragraph the ABC report has a link to another article which clearly names the man.

Image from, September 2017 (here)

And again Image from, April 2017 (here)


Aside from some of the routine inconsistencies which one has come to expect with fake news is the fact that this type of event is most likely being perpetrated across the country. It is more a matter of this only coming to the authorities attention through a balance of probabilities and luck than the reporting of such practices as people fear that if they speak out they will be villified as racist or “Islamaphobes“…(what ever that means)

The fact that this is a cultural practice and something which possibly is not raised to the public’s attention defines the shifting polarities of a societies values and laws.


Victorian Police will be given stronger legal protection to shoot to kill suspected terrorists which could be seen in response the the Brighton terror event from June 2017 (tangentcode)

Further plans to extend the preventative detention period for suspected terrorists from two to four days, after which they will be able to apply to the Supreme Court for a two-week extension. Victoria Police monitor approximatley three hundred “fixated persons” who have been identified as posing a potential security risk.

February 2018 Victorian Government –  (pdf) Fixated Threat Assessment Centre.

April 2018 – The Australian – “Police focus on ‘fixated’ persons and lone wolf attacks

 Terrorism (Community Protection) Act 2003 Act No 7  (here)

 Terrorism (Community Protection) Act 2015 Act  No 70 (here)

Section 21F (hereAuthorisation of special powers to protect essential services from a terrorist act.

 response (The Age)