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Conquer the Enemies Kirkuk

Twenty five minute video (below) with formula story board grievances listed along with video of the events generally in the form of political leaders giving speeches and some explosive transitions leading onto a roadblock kidnapping which ends in finger pointing rant execution in which one of the men is prompted to display his tattoo. The release is a day after Syria announced Aleppo is one hundred percent eradicated of vermin Daesh.

Iraq have executed forty women (here) with nearly one thousand rounded up out of the ruins of the Iraqi liberated cities. With the election of Moqtada al-Sadr does this signal  more of an Iranian influence which has increased since the US invasion in 2003. This in parallel to a change in ideological areas as religious centres fluxing between Najaf, the capital Shiadon as opposed to Qom, which was popular under Hussein’s regime.


The second half of the video extends the road block kidnapping in what looks like soldiers on leave returning to their base being captured and driven away.

The next connection is shown matching the men with their social media images posing with heavy artillery, some in uniform with other prominent military leaders.


The men are cruelly executed, one with large calibre fire. 


Life inside the Caliphate – Kirkuk August 2016


Video released from Kirkuk showing life “inside the Caliphate”. The video breaks down into three parts showing a battle scene and weapons looting and the dragging of dead bodies around, the paying of funds and the dispersement of staples such as cooking oils to foreign fighters and finally a session of goat herding.


The video is peppered with long monotonous dialogues spoken aloud by men who look like they need a good nights sleep. The video shows how the flag waving, finger pointing, Quran quotes are just a thin veil over what the Caliphate’s main preoccupation really is, making money….and goats.


Peshmerga caged defiance


This is a  possible continuation from a video which appeared on February 15th, showing the caged Peshmerga driven through  streets crowded with extras, in the Hawija district with the title “And he will heal the chests of a believing people”

one of the most dangerous in all of Iraq with US soldiers and the foreign press corps in Baghdad dubbing Hawija “Anbar of the North,” a reference to the violence wracked province in Western Iraq.” (here)

The video shows the quiet composure of the Peshmerga, and even without understanding what they say, one can pick up on their defiance. Others seem lost and so young to be fighting in a war.

This is perhaps re-enforced by the video as it abruptly ends, leaving the viewer suspended in anticipation.

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