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GhostExodus – Speaks

I called Jesse McGraw, the founder of the Electronik Tribulation Army.

Jesse spent close to ten years in prison, and bounced from parole twice. His original crime was to place a remote access viewer on a nurses station at a sports rehabilitation facilty in Texas, at which he was working as a security guard, this fell within in the broad scope of computer intrusion.

His arrest came after screen shots of his “mission” were seen by a security researcher on a forum. It was then only a matter of a few clicks whch resulted in his email being tracked to a Craigs List ad which he had placed for job searches. So it was n’t any high tech scoop or mastermind trace that netted Jesse, but a simple cross check, similar to the way Ross Ulbricht was uncovered as the Silk Road admin.

The media erroneously and/or maliciously reported at the time that Jesse had “hacked” into a Hospital. This conjours up a raft of imagery which worked against Jesse during the time of his trial.

The media also stated that Jesse hacked into NASA and the Dallas Police Air Wing which are both false. Completely false.

Below are some of the document scans Jesse sent me. He has put a book together which is due for release in 2020 named “Black Hats”.

Deep in the Florida bush

Ben Nichols (aka Fixer) who was a part of the ETA sadly passed 2019.

Ben was always playing the tough guy but was a gentle and funny person.

The ETA were one of the first hacking groups to have their website placed onto an Australian blacklist in 2010. They were also the first group to use video on YouTube to advance thier agenda often using the Italian ETA videos as their vehicle.

Below is the original Iron Horse video from that time.