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Fit for Trial? Bourke Street Car Rampage

January 20th, 2017 Gargosoulas drives a stolen car through busy city streets after evading police chases and doing burnouts in the main city intersection.

Now in May 2018 a Jury is deciding if this person is fit to stand trial. Is it really a case of shizophrenia or is it a case of a justice smart criminal utilising his best acting to postpone sentencing and incarceration into mainstream prison system, and a life behind bars paid for by the tax payer.



Appears in Supreme Court. below is free to air NEWS report. Interesting detail is the huge size Gargosoulas has balloned into and the patch on the back of his head which could be due to being restrained or just sleeping…alot.

June 14 2018 – fit to stand trial 

Professor Michael Daffern, a psychologist engaged by the prosecution, told the court Mr Gargasoulas is fit to stand trial and understands the various pleas he could enter. (ABC)

“He understands the relevant facts … he can retain those facts, he can communicate his preferences to his lawyer.

“But where he falls down, in my view, is can he rationally weigh up the pros and cons of the pleas open to him?

“His delusional beliefs are of such a nature that he’s unable to rationally weigh the options open to him,” he said.


The Jury has taken some 57 minutes to find Gargasoulas Guilty of six counts of murder. He will next appear in Febuary 2019 for sentencing. (Guardian)

Gargasoulas had been in fromt of a magistrate over sixty times since 2010, (criminal damage, fail to answer bail, reckless conduct endangering life)