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Baca – Williams – Shooting

Bernalillo County, New Mexico.

Video shows a man, Steven Baca shooting “protestor” Scott Williams in a street attack. It later transpires that the man doing the aggrevated assault is holding a knife. The audio of the video captures the threat, “I’m gonna kill you”.

Bernalillo County District Attorney Raúl Torrez said he had serious concerns an initial police investigation into the Monday shooting did not identify who owned multiple weapons collected at the scene, including knives, nor interview key bystanders and police.

Torrez dropped an initial aggravated battery with a deadly weapon charge against Steven Baca, 31, after images emerged online showing protester Scott Williams, 39, holding what was rumored to be a knife before he was allegedly shot by Baca. Torrez said he expected Baca to claim self defense in the case.”

Torrez filed four new charges against Baca for unlawful carrying of a firearm and battery for allegedly assaulting three women before the shooting. Baca’s lawyer Jason Bowles said he would plead not guilty to all charges.

Perhaps the detective work is best online?