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Daesh counter attack October 26 2018

October 26th Daesh mount a counter attack on US backed military posts in the structured VBIED advanced hit followed by the overwhelming small arms attack on survivors. Prior to the Amaq release social media was contained unconfirmed reports hostages had been taken.





Amaq – Bombing a Communications vehicle near the city of Sukhna

Less than a minute this video release is exactly what the title says. An artilery piece is shown firing, (with spent shells near by possiblyused during range finding), the target being hit and inevitable explosion into flames. 


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Amaq – 22 July – September- 2017

This post includes a selection of videos from Amaq released between July and September 2017  and contain updates currently to 9th September  2017, inclusive.

22 July 2017

23 July 2017

The video from 22nd, showing the tank destruction shows the oil heads in the background.

24 July 2017


26 July 2017


28 July 2017

29 July 2017

August 10th 2017 – Updates 





August 13, 2017

Scenes from the attack on the concentration point of Peshmerga in the village of Albuhammed West district Daqouk yesterday


16th August 2017 Raqqah VBIED Attack


VBIED cell leader / engineer who appears in “The Dust of War” is seen in this video.

The party of Eidh al-Adha in Bengazi Libya 31/08/2017

Amaq – Drone Find – September-2017

Amaq July 10 – innocent casualties

Less than one minute Amaq video dated 10th July 2017 showing children greviuosly injured from bombings.

At the early part of the video the street awnings can be seen which have also appeared in previuos Cantlie videos from Raqqa.

Shooting Tanks – Mosul

Amaq release a seventy second video dated 30th May 2017 which shows Daesh shooting at tanks and other armoured vehicles in the western suburbs of Mosul. The soldiers coming under fire move from the area, no doubt radio in their co-ordinates calling for air cover. Daesh have trapped Iraqi forces as depicted in “Hunters of the Shields” (tangentcode) which showed the aftermath of the attack at Al-salam Hospital, 8th December 2016.

What ever the tactic is, the fighters put themselves in the scope of a drone hit which is either a signal of their stupidity or of their desperation.