Those Are My Fathers – Recruitment drive with a bullet

The fifteen minute video released through Al Khayr is a recruitment drive with a bullet. In recent times it has been painfully obvious that the fighter numbers are dwindling. In March 2015 video appeared showing what seemed like orphans being trained for fighting, (tangentcode). The extreme intent of “Those are my fathers” far eclipses any previous recruitment propaganda. With Daesh losing huge swarths of territory some estimates put the attrition of fighters as much as a half  and not less than a quarter. (pic below from January 2016)


The “farm or fight” mantra seems to have been lost in the realisation that it’s every able bodied man to the front lines. The storyboard ends with the execution of four men by the “fathers” who have lost their own sons in battle. The death sentences arise from alleged collaboration with coalition forces.


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