They Are the Enemy so Beware of Them



Eight minute video released from Wilayat ar-Raqqah Media showing the execution deaths of “coalition crusaders” double agents. The video could alternatively be titled “Atomising the brave, who stand up against the madness”. 

The video is subtitled in English, the same dialogue used in other such videos with captured “ground spoilers” explaining the process of being recruited, trained, payed, given cameras and GPS devices to transmit car number plates and internet cafe surveillance in an attempt to match leadership faces with cars, for UAV targets. 

The men explain that the Islamic State Security Police knew they were infiltrators from their own insiders and moles within the Coalition Forces Command. 

To rub salt into the digital wound a small child is then paraded holding a detonation device calling out the ubiquitous “Allahu Akbar“, something which has become a brand chant of Daesh hijacking.