The soldiers of God – Hamas


The nearly four minute video produced by Hamas surfaced Wednesday, 7th October 2015, amid escalating tensions between Israel and Palestine (here). The video is a spin off of a popular Israeli singer Eval Golan.

Sung in Hebrew with Arabic subtitles the lyrics include,  “And the most important, the most important/is to wipe out the Zionists at every site/and the most important the most important/is their defeat on site.” and “we are the soldiers of God/we were sent to eliminate the Zionists/the only language they must understand/is the firing of swords and missiles.

 Some of the scenes are clearly staged, such as the ambushes which are interspersed with real battle scenes including gratuitous violence attached.

The continued sophistication of digital media production and social media is not lost here as the availability of such Applications afford anyone with an iPad to make such a release. This type of media production posturing has been apparent for years, (here) and will more than likely only continue.