The People of Constancy – Kirkuk – September 2017


Twenty one minute video with the basic message claiming an attack on the Islamic State equates to an attack on all Muslims world wide and the premise that it is a duty of Muslims to therefore follow the examples made in Orlando and in Germany and justify the attacking of innocent civilians.

This is conveyed primarily by an English speakeing masked  man who is a little bit hard to understand as the audio is a either poorly recorded or deliberately distorted, his entrance music is the Fisabilillah chant and “For The Sake of Allah  – “we are men who love death, just as you love your life“. The content of this recording can be approximated to around mid August as Marawi is mentioned, but not the more recent Rohingya Muslim saga in Myanmar, something which has been seen in other publications such as Harakat al-Shabab al-Mujahidin, below

The video includes a series of beheadings which are shown along with maessages from what looks a messaging service with informationa and images which have been collected through what seems to be some type of Daesh – Gestapo road block searching citizens using the road ways.