The Legacy of the Prophetic Methodology



The 55 minute video below is the Alhayat media release with quasi-profesional off the shelf kinetic storyboard graphics, along with proprietary software motion graphics. The main context of the video is the return to pre “Petro dollars” economy where only gold buys oil. The video pulls images from world war two movies creating a timeline up to and including 9/11. The release of the Gold Dinah is seen as a way to eradicate the corruption which is portrayed as endemic through the Western World and the foundation for corruption in the middle east facilitated through the creation of the “dollar bill” by the American Federal Reserve.

There is one interesting moment in the video where the narrator says, “Here in London..” when speaking of different cities. It may be a grammatical error or slip but it stands out in the carefully manicured script(23:22)





Below is the video “For the Sake of Allah