The Captains of the Embers

Thirty minutes *mirror video released with Ninawa flag, July 12th 2017. The video shows the inside a two man VBIED and a processing of recruits, a mock battle pantomime in and around the grounds of the Grand al-Nuri Mosque of Mosul (June 2nd) followed by a series of fire fights and sniper shots at Iraqi forces makeing up the padding of this release. The video shows the intensity of fire fight directed at Iraqi soldiers in Mosul as they confronted an enemy that has no fear of death, but in fact embraces it.

The production is not unlike the previous release from Ninawa (tangentcode)earlier this month. The video seems to have a break in the video rendering and audio synch is momentarily adjusted.

The video slips in between Raqqa and Mosul showing acts of bravery and studpidity such as the man with RPG crawling to position and the two man VBIED.

…and the two man VBIED.

*mirror video re-edited and posted though an unofficial channel

Mosul June 30


Further reading – Mosul – City Profile (pdfA multi sector assessment of a city under siege.

Mosul Airport

Mosul Planning Directorate Buildings


UPDATE – July 15th, image appears of an alleged Russian foreign fighter attemptng to escape dressed as a woman.