Teen Terror Arrests – October 2016


Sydney, Australia. Further teenagers arrested in relation to planning acts of terror and allegiance to Islamic State. Two sixteen year olds were arrested carrying large “army style” knives, heading towards the “Bankstown Musalla” prayer hall in Adnum Lane off Featherstone Street. 



One family member, whilst leaving the police station, was asked what the knives were for, answered that the boys were “going fishing”.


One of the teens had previous police contact in relation to not standing during the National Anthem at school September 2014.(7News)


The terror arrests echo back to another two men who had planned a terror attack in February 2015, here (tangentcode).

Police believe the teenagers attended the 15th September 2012, Hyde Park Riots (video)+(video) and held a sign saying: “Behead all those who insult the prophet.”  The two teens remain in custody as police investigate the possibility that other teens at East Hills Boys High have also been radicalised. 


Update – 13th October 2016

UPDATE – Tamim Khaja pleads guilty to planning Sydney ‘mass murder’ terror attack (ABC)

“When a person is convinced of a philosophy to the point of considering it warrants mass murder, one is really concerned.”

Khaja’s defence team will submit a psychiatric report, character evidence from family and friends and a report from Corrective Services NSW ahead of his sentencing hearing.

Khaja is expected to be sentenced in February 2018.

UPDATE – July 25th,2018 – Sydney Court Appearance (ninemsm)

UPDATE – November 2020 – second teen sentenced


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