Syria – Khayr – So they will not repent – July-2017

Twenty seven minute production from Khayr (near Deir Ezzor) “So they will not repent“,which starts with a history of the region through old news footage and speeches. One section which is intersting is the way Daesh set up a Public Adress system and then proceed to broadcast dialogue. This is a tactic used by successive forces throughout wars around the globe, the incessant reverberating voices attempting to erode the nerve of oppositions.

The video conatins some fire fights and the usual defilement and humiliation of dead bodies from the attack on a military post 35°47′N 37°48′E.

This is the area inland from Maskanah and was spotted in a June 27 th Syria Military release. The building which is hit by missile is seen on the monitors taken during President Assad’s visit.

video below

The same fighter appears in both the Amaq images in June and this video production a month later. This may be an indication of how the gap between fire fight and digital forum is increasing. In the past this time gap was only a few days at most, now it nearly a month.

One of the looted Idenification cards paraded by Daesh fighters.

Express to Hell