Sydney Terror Attack foiled – data retention next

Australian Federal Police have arrested two men who were allegedly preparing to perpetrate an act of violence in allegiance with the Islamic State.(here)

Omar Al-Kutobi, 24, a student who fled war-torn Iraq for Australia, and Mohammad Kiad, 25, a nurse who moved from Kuwait in 2012, are accused of plotting an imminent terrorist act.

Police say a machete, hunting knife and home-made Islamic State flag were found in the home.”

The type of act that we will allege that was going to be undertaken is consistent with the messaging coming out of IS,” NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burn.

The two men had been placed under surveillance from a tip-off

They say at 3:00pm local time, the men bought a hunting knife from a military supplies shop.”

UPDATE – 14 September 2016 (here) & Terror Arrests behind Bars – (here)

Omar al-Kutobi:MohammadKiad

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott during Question time in House of Representatives 12th February 2015. 

..take note of his last comments in regard to data retention. (here)

Update – Guilty plea 27 July 2016 (here)

Update – 14 September 2016, Informant warned ASIO of planned Sydney terrorist attack, (here)