Sydney Shooting – Teen gunman dusted


The events surrounding the shooting at New South Wales Police HQ on the 2nd October 2015 has finally come full circle with the release of the gunman’s name and sadly the innocent life taken of Curtis Cheng.

Mr Cheng, a civilian employee, was shot in the back as he left the Police HQ. His only error was leaving the building when he did. Curtis Cheng

Farad Jabar Khalil Mohammad, a 15 year old Kurdish Iraqi, born in Iran, has been identified as the perpetrator shot dead by police at the scene.


The teen was believed to have attended the Parramatta Mosque prior to the event, which is a short walk to the Police HQ. His brother allegedly contacting police soon after the event.

New South Wales Police were denying a link to terrorism earlier in the evening of the Friday however as events transpired, it now seems as though that is now not the case.

The question this raises is what,if any was the connection to a UK court case held that same day.(here)

A fifteen year old was sentenced to “a life sentence with a minimum term of five years”, for his part in inciting an attack on ANZAC day 2015. (here) which resulted in Operation Rising.(here)

Could there be a link between the two?

The other questions this event raises is, how does a 15 year old acquire a hand gun?

UPDATE = 6th October

Teenager who attended same school as Farad Jabar Khalil Mohammad was arrested on his way to school after making threats to Police on FaceBook

UPDATE = 7th OctoberSydneyterrorraids

Five men and one teenager arrested 

UPDATE = 8th October (here)

UPDATE = 16th October 2015 (here) 2 Men suspected over terror murder of NSW Police worker refused bail

Talal Alameddine, 22 from Wentworthville = charged with supplying the gun used to kill Mr Cheng.

Raban Alou, 18 – charged with aiding, abetting, procuring and counselling a terrorist act.

Return to court – 16th December 2015

Raban Alou – UPDATE – March 2018 – sentenced to 44 years jail. (here)

Raban Alou

Ahmed Satiyer Naizmand

Ahmed Satiyer Naizmand


Sydney terror suspect Ahmad Naizmand pleads guilty – (here)

IS Recruiter – Abu Khaled Al-Cambodi from Australia (here )

UPDATE – Sydney Terror Planner – jailed for 38 years. (here)

Milad Atai was sentenced on Friday for assisting and encouraging 15-year-old Farhad Jabar to shoot Mr Cheng at the state police headquarters at Parramatta in 2015 and helping the boy’s sister reach Islamic State in Syria.