Sony Archives- things ‘they’ did n’t want you to know.


Wikileaks release “Sony Archives” (here), a searchable format of 30,287 documents and 173,132 emails, much like classic releases, The Global Intelligence Files and Cablegate.  So whats this all about? It’s not as if Sony have n’t been hacked before, (video). It shows how a layer of a mega-global corporation talks to itself and how it makes decisions. It shows for example that Sony use Stratfor,(here) and it shows how Sony manipulates other mega-corporations to its own ends. (Anti Piracy pdf here)

“We have asked Netflix to take steps to more closely monitor circumvention websites”

It shows what publications the company uses for sources, for validation, for guidance, for training.(CSA threats here) Sony are upset, so could this release have been redacted and still have the same relevance?…probably. The individuals identities are not important, it is the dynamics that appear in the threads.

Your folks came back today saying they did not want to go forward together. Sounds like we should talk. M” (here)

Is it important enough to be put out raw, for all to see?..absolutely. Will this effect Sony adversely any more than that terrible troll Op “The Interview”…who cares? /probably not. Check for yourself…guaranteed, you will find something interesting.(here)   Assange gets 28 Spidermen Sony-Assange