Sinai April 2015 – re-uploaded

April 2015

Eight and a half minute video from Egypt’s deadliest militant group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, which shows the execution murder of Egyptian soldier,  Ahmed Fathy Abou Al Fotouh Salam from Daqahliya. He  was a part of a tank battalion which was ambushed April 2nd. In July 2017, nearly two years later an attack on foreign tourists has been perpurtarted in the Red Sea resort town, Hurghada. Two German female tourists were stabbed to death while four other foreigners were wounded in an attack Friday at a hotel in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Hurghada. (abc) The attacker had sneaked into the hotel by swimming from a nearby beach.

video below (contains graphic content)

My guilt is in on Sisi. The guilt of all soldiers is on Sisi. And the burning of hearts of their mothers is on Sisi…Soldiers for the Military are just numbers.”

As the video progresses it seems the dialogue is interrupted, possibly from the soldier breaking down. He appears through the gaussian blur transitions each time his face a little more red, his eyes teared. His last moments are cruelly depicted as he watches another captive being beheaded, Ahmed’s fate is sealed with automatic rifle fire. This was the second security officer murdered by Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis. Police officer  Ayman al-Desouki was kidnapped and murdered January 2015 (below)

Ayman al-Desouki

The Sinai-based Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, which changed its name to Sinai Province (Wilayat Sinai), after pledging allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria in November 2014, claimed responsibility for several militant attacks committed since the ousting of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi.

The re-uploading of this video stream was about 5 days prior to the July 15th attack and could be seen as a preparative catalyst in a call for action from extremists.