Satellite Images of a Country at War – Nigeria v Boko Haram

Amnesty International commissioned Satellite images  of Nigerian village Doron Baga which show heavy fighting in village areas. Boko Haram are traversing the north-east region killing anyone that stands in one place for too long…the only escape is to escape.

The first image shows trees and heavy vegetation in red. This is Doron Baga on January 2nd.


The second image taken five days later shows the same area with a noticeable absence of ‘red’


The third image shows the village Baga area with structures which when compared to the last image taken 5 days later clearly show a heavily burned area. This is corroborate by witnesses who have told of people being “killed like animals.” (here)



Nigeria is holding elections in February. Below is a graph showing “reported” civilian death as the result of Boko Haram terror.



For further comparison.