Rumiyah – Australian Threat



Rumiyah (Rome) first publication (36°21′N 43°9′E) has caused a stir with its four page rant urging “lone wolf” attacks in Australia.


The response from the Victorian Chief Police Commissioner was cool and firm.

This type of reaction through publications is not a new event. This comes with the news of Sevdet Besim being sent down for 10 years (here) after planning a terror attack in April 2015 (OpRising). The other element is the dusting of Ezzit Raad in Manbij in August. (here) As Daesh forfeit geography on the battleground Rumiyah can be seen as a gasp for doctrine action.

Ezzit Raad

Ezzit Raad was arrested as a result of Operation Pendennis in 2008 and slipped through border control making it to Syria. He had also appeared in Daesh videos along with the now dusted Reyaad Khan from Wales in 2014.

Update– July 2018 -Welsh Terror Cell Funding (BBC)


Video released as a tribute.”They envied the boy did not get as quest

The publication itself is a copy of other such zines released in early September.


Some of the images used with the intent to deliberately evoke outrage such as the targeting of the elderly and innocents.


Martydom of the Mujahid Shaykh





The second last paragraph of page 17 (above), is what all the upset is about…Therefore, O lions of the Umma, and those living in Australia..

 Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews played directly into the agitation by appearing at a press conference with a wild stare, which does nothing but achieve the goal set about by the publication. Leave it to professional Mr Andrews.


Australian Prime Minister appeared live from Vientiane, Laos to settle things down and reassure citizens in regard to matters of national security.

The Threat Level remains at “Probable”