Rats in Paradise – Hamdi AlQudsi sent down

ABC Report in regard to Hamdi Al Qudsi who has been sentenced to six years jail for aiding men to travel to Syria to fight as foreign insurgents. (here)

“Alqudsi made arrangements for the men to travel to the war-torn country between June and October 2013, so they could fight alongside militant groups such as the Al-Nusra front (Jabaht al-Nusra), IS and Al Qaeda affiliates.

Two of the men he assisted — Tyler Casey and Caner Temel — were killed in Syria, while two other men — Muhammed Abdul-Karim Musleh (also known as Abu Hassan) and Mehmet Biber — have since returned.

Amin Mohamed never left Australia and in the Victorian Supreme Court last year, the Melbourne man was found guilty of three charges relating to plans to travel to Syria to fight against the government of Bashar al-Assad.” – ( Raveen Hunjan and Sue Daniel-ABC)


UPDATE – July 2018

The wife of an Islamic State recruiter who is the first person in New South Wales to be charged for refusing to stand in court for a judge has been sentenced to 75 hours of community service.

In May, Moutiaa El-Zahed, 50, was convicted of nine counts of engaging in disrespectful behaviour in court, an offence that was introduced in NSW in 2016.” (ABC )