Raqqah – We Are The Best Responders

Thirty minute video released from Raqqah titled “And (we are) the best Responders which sets about showing the methods Daesh are using to turn Raqqah into a giant mine feild. Not short on resources, the unexploded munitions dropped by coalition forces are used to make drone bombs or small anti personal mines and grenades.

The workshop with its home made press and lathes slowly churn out munitions which are then shown being placed strategically. 

Drone munitions are used to agitate and disrupt. Made from wood they make more noise than damage but have an effect of demoralising an opposition.


The dialogue is delivered in usual Islamic State order, the audio slightly off cued, (small insects buzz about), but this does n’t dilute the message or the resolve of Daesh who will fight until they are thoroughly dead, that alone sets them apart from Coalition forces and outweighs all the advanced battle field technology, and is the basic ideal behind Mao’ist guerilla warfare which, over seventy five years, has been machined and calibrated into a warfare science. “Let the enemy supply you.”

This notion of “thoroughly dying” is alien to Coalition forces who only have one thing in common with Daesh, neither of them are from this region, and both fighting over a dusty old city in the middle of oil rich territory. Sounds familiar? 

The video is full of details, such as the women who set fires, possibly to obscure the smell of rotting bodies.

YPG fighters can be seen running around the streets, (from BBC Channel 4).

Throwing stones to draw out Daesh positions, which ends up backfiring, (note the drawing on the wall.)

One building which has a YPG flag aloft ends with a missile arriving directly through a window.

Notes –  Two other events released 29th September through Amaq show a hit on a PKK bulldozer.

Followed by a VBIED attack on Russain and Syrian forces near Mazloum east of the city of Deir al-Azur.