Raqqah Indoctrination


The sixteen minute long video is much of the same type of vision produced from over a year ago. The fair ground, the Ferris wheel, the drone shots and the laughing children have lost some of their sparkle. The children seem dull and unkempt. This is n’t the only sub-detail the viewer can spot. The scenes in the Mosque, men with walking sticks and crutches, bandaged lower limbs, all point to a population which has seen recent unrest. The title of the video “God and grow up on Mahdakm” which refers to the ‘redeemer of Islam‘ (wiki) follows a teenage boy who has won a competition in physical agility, to go about delivering ‘gifts’ to injured foreign fighters. An interesting moment appears as we visit a group of injured foreign fighters, one in particular who seems very aware of the camera, has also appeared in the January 2016, “Instructions To Indonesia” (tangent code).


The video shows in graphic detail, as it has on a serial basis, the indoctrination of the people has been thorough. 

video below