Raiding the Villages to Spread Guidance

Video released through AlHayat media in May 2016 showing a ten day campaign to spread the dialogue of Islamic State through out the micro villages of the country side, much like the Cub Caravan and the Islamic State orphanage outreach from previous releases. The twenty four minute production is complete with aerial aspects with audio nicely mixed, the men with guns are well hidden, and the locals do the testimonials like professional actors. This content has been released in time for a recruitment drive to regain the ground lost to Coalition forces in the late part of March 2016.  

The courses in this campaign have tended to about 70 thousand cubs.”




“with Allah’s grace, by using a single motorcycle, we destroy your project”


We are all the Islamic State, so let the entire world know that!


Guidance on women’s attire


Below – “Infographic” – becoming a popular way to share through social media. The other format is translated “interviews” which appear in jpeg format in wordpress posts.