Profit Selling – Furat

Seventeen minute video from Wilayat Furat “Profit Selling“, or a win without compromise, which is basically the gloryfication of dead Daesh in some weird hero worship for the Caliphate Generation, the up and coming jihadist. This is perhaps the most toxic of poisonous doctrine which needs deconstruction and criticism. It is this methodology of turning children into jihadists that needs to be shut down if peace is to be restored to this region, at least in this decade.

The details in this video are fairly basic and repeat themsleves in the same old format this Wilayat has followed since late 2015. As in a previous post showing the inner discussions between the Security Office and the media, there is pressure to keep this propaganda media circulating, (tangentcode). With this comes the next provacative idea which is presented showing a group of teenagers digging graves and burying  a slain fighter with all the reverance of a junior high pantomime. At one point in the video the camera ‘walks’ through Palmyra, which is likely intended as some type of retort to Russian forces, a “here we are again” demonstration. This type of agitation could also be the result of a false sense of security from US support, which the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said provided air support and co-ordinates to Daesh attacking SAA posts Setember 28th.( RuAviation) note: (Palmyra statue damaged by Daesh goes on display in Damascus) (arabnews)

There are scenes of the foreign fighters, with emphasis on the Russian fighters, who seem reluctant to be in a camera video, throughtout the video Russian subtitles appear. 

October 3rd, an announcement through Amaq that two Russian soldiers were captured recently in Al-Shullah southwest Deir Ezzor.

The teen soldiers are shown recieving training and in one case pretending to be controlling a drone dropping grenades and celebrating. (Note : range extender on DJI P2 – which uses wifi signal)