Operation Rising-ANZAC Domestic Terror Plot foiled

Melbourne, Australia.18 April 2015

Another series of raids have swept through the badlands of the eastern suburbs, signalling the first time that an interim Preventative Detention Order (2003) has been issued in Victoria. (Police MediaRelease).

Australian Federal Police have arrested five men, all around 18 years old and coincidentally or maybe not, were associates of Numan Haider, who was shot and killed by police in September 2014 after stabbing anti-terrorism officers at Endeavour Hills. The other link is the Al-Furqan mosque which the men attended. (video Sept 2014)

But obviously as the investigations continue we’ll continue chase the rabbit down the hole and see what comes of it

Sevdet Ramdan Besim has been charged with conspiracy to commit acts done in preparation for, or planning, terrorist acts under section 101.6 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995.

 Police allege, Mr Besim was one of two men planning an Islamic State-inspired attack at a Melbourne Anzac Day event targeting police officers.

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Sevdet Ramdan Besim                                                                                                                                                                                                 Numan Haider

Haider -SevetBesim

UPDATE – Al-Furqan Islamic Centre in Melbourne to close its doors after terror arrests (here)

UPDATE – 22nd April 2015 – Melbourne terror case: second UK teen arrested at time suspect detained (here)

UPDATE – More arrests have followed – May 7th 2015 (here)

UPDATE – 27th JULY 2015 pleads guilty (here) …remanded until October 

UPDATE – 2nd October 2015 – British teen jailed for inciting terrorist attack at Anzac Day parade in Melbourne. (here) & (here)

UPDATE – 14 December 2015 – Teenager pleads guilty (here)

UPDATE – June 2016 – Sevdet Besim pleads guilty to planning act of terrorism (here)

UPDATE – Besim sent down for 10 years (here) further to this the family of the teen “instructor” has fled UK (here)

Further Update – 2017 – Police injured by Haider attack , set to take legal action re ASIO (here)

UPDATE – July 2016 (ABC) Read the Inquest (here

“A Melbourne policeman acted appropriately when he shot and killed teenager Numan Haider as he attacked him and another officer with a knife outside a suburban station, a coroner has found.

Coroner John Olle made no criticisms of the police officers in findings handed down almost two years after Haider was killed outside the Endeavour Hills police station, in Melbourne’s south-east, in September 2014.”