NSA Reports to the President’s (IOB)

The NSA have released, albeit heavily redacted, an Executive Summary to the IOB, the President’s Intelligence Oversight board. (here)

Following a classification review, the National Security Agency (NSA) is releasing in redacted form NSA reports to the President’s Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB). The release includes quarterly reports submitted from the fourth quarter of 2001 to the second quarter of 2013. The materials also include four annual reports (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) which are consolidations of the relevant quarterly reports.

An example below the FY2013  outlines the almost chaotic scenes behind the facade.. The NSA were challenged in regard to their Constitutionality last year by ACLU, (here). The report shows further examples which reinforce the fact that the intelligence collections have violated the law or U.S. policy for over more than a decade.


The example below is from FY2012 (here) and outlines how..

analysts in *redacted* inadvertently targeted communications to, from, or about USP’s while pursuing foreign intelligence tasking.

Of course there are many more instances of this same rather troubling error occurring throughout the summary. 


Redactions aside, it is easy to see a prevailing element of analysts working in splinter reactors with little or no solid leadership or directives.