Notation made by immigrants Sham Russians Cemetery

sham = 2

The eight minute video titled, “Letter notation made by immigrants Sham Russians Cemetery” takes some patience to sit through as the viewer is berated by a wildly gesticulating individual who is near shouting, whilst standing in front of old discarded jets.

With a dramatic video game style opening, images of Assad and Putin are machine-gunned and a grenade tossed in with the familiar off the shelf graphic explosion.


As the ‘rant’ unfolds the men standing in line fidget about as their weapons become heavy and their lack of discipline on parade becomes evident. One by one the men repeat some almost inaudible chant. The men then commence firing into the air as if it means something important, when in reality it proves how bereft of common sense the entire production is. 

In one regard one would expect something to be pushed out via propaganda machine  as Russia moves its first tactical fighter jets to base in Syria. (here).

In a historical sense one could compare what is about to happen to the winter of 1944. (here)

video below