Ninawa – Processed Jihadists – October 2017

Twenty six and half minute video from Wilayah Ninawa, (Northern Iraq) which in a nutshell is a call for fighters. There are a number of examples showing  men transitioning  from ‘normal’ life to the driver of a VBIED.

Ninawa generally releases quality production and this video with its multiple camera streams are syched up nicely showing a degree of video production understanding. At one point a young man sits near a river the video cuts quickly away to obscure the pollution floating past.

The introduction and transitions however are lacking, which points at the fact that the off the shelf transitions were unavaialble to the producer/editor. The audio is similarly mediocre pointing to a camera mic being used inplace of a dedicated audio recorder. What could this mean? Deash do not have the resources or more importantly the personel to do the more technically involved video productions.