Ninawa Execution with Cub first kill

Fifteen minute execution of spies video, (below) from Wilayat Ninawa. The executions take two distinct formats with close up beheaded nerve spasms, rolling eyes and the guided child execution. This video is similar to “So Take Warning” which is a reference to Qur’anic verse 59:2 (tangentcode)


The men in the video are alleged to be part of a group who are gathering support from outside Mosul. A FaceBook page is shown which includes a video of in front of an Iraqi flag. With a projector playing executions the men name themselves and describe their charges.



The full terror of the men’s murder is reinforced with the child who can barely reach the trigger of the automatic pistol it carries. This does n’t seem to be an obstacle as the child holds the pistol, the trigger actioned by an adult fighter. This type of child extortion or terror has been used by Nazi’s in WW2, children would often report their own parents if they overheard anti-Government small talk and again the same concept is seen in Orwell’s 1984. The institutional genocide embedded in the child lays waste to any ideas of normality in the future and does more to destroy a future society than can be rationally expected after decades of war. 


video below