Nemtsov shooting – CCTV

CCTV vision has been released showing the last moments of Boris Nemtsov life, a mere 400m from the Kremlin. The vision is grainy, however details can be seen such as the waiting car.

The female companion who was with Nemtsov when he was shot, Ukrainian citizen Anna Duritskaya, is being questioned by investigators.



Russian’s have taken to the streets of Moscow protesting the injustice of the Kremlin’s disintegration protocols to opposition, or ‘fifth coloums’. 

Another one of the main theories being investigated was that Nemtsov was killed by his fellow opposition politicians as a “sacrificial victim” to increase tension in society.

The Russian President Mr Putin, has announced that he will personally oversee the investigation.

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UPDATE  – 20 June 2016

The investigation of the case against Zaur Dadaev, Shagid Gubashev, Anzor Gubashev, Temerlan Eskerkhanov and Khamzat Bakhaev, accused of killing Boris Nemtsov, is over. (source)