Mosul – One of the two good outcomes – Islamic State – July 2017

Thirty four and half minute video from Ninawa, Iraq “One of the two good outcomes”, in the last days of suicide fire fights and VBIED’s. The video is a series of last words from the VBIED pilots as Daesh throw everything they have into the fight in Mosul. The VBIED suicide drives are shown via drone and in some cases the reaction to the VBIED on the ground can be seen in detail. In the first week of July, Daesh have held onto two small sections of Mosul, one adjacent to the Tigris and the other along Nineveh Street (circled).  The only way Daesh have held onto this territory is through intense fire fights with Iraqi forces, and VBIED’s that are sent out to destroy groups of armoured vehicles and tanks. (Reuters)

This release includes a different view from the attack on Iraqi forces seen in ‘War is a Debate’ (tangentcode)

One of the VBIED’s circled in red as seen in video.

The one armed bandit.

No excuses