Melbourne – vehicular terror event

Video of the attack released December 23rd


“All you could hear was just ‘bang bang bang bang bang’.”

Eleven months on from the Bourke Street vehicular terror event a driver has “deliberately” knocked down nineteen pedestrians, one a four year old at a busy city intersection. Four of the injured are in critical condition.

The perp was dragged from the vehicle and held to the ground by citizens and an off duty policeman. The wounded, treated by passers-by. 

This event comes only a day after rioters pelted police with stones and sticks, destroyed citizens property all with zero arrests. (video here)

The Police held a media contact..

Below is a live report via ABC 

The driver, Noori Saeed, 32,  is known to police, has a history of drug abuse and violence and is on a current State mental health order. A possible motive has not been nutted out but it may be important to bear in mind that 2017 is the highest ordinance expenditure inside Afghanistan in seven years.

(War in Afghanistan: U.S.-Led Coalition Bombings Hit Seven-Year High) AND (Here)

Citizens at at the mercy of a dysfunctional State Justice System.

Correction – the registration plate thoery was incorrect. I made an error in reading the plate.

Another element reported by ABC 

A second man, 24, was seen filming the incident and was found to be carrying a bag with knifes in it. He was also arrested, but police believe he had no links to the incident. He is still assisting police with their inquiries.”

UPDATE – September 25th, 2018 

In the hours before the incident, Mr Gibson said, Mr Noori had a computer technician remove the hard drive from his computer, withdrew $7000 from his bank and left his Heidelberg West home after telling his wife he was going shopping for clothes.

He deposited $3000 into his mother’s bank account because he owed her money, the court heard, tried to hire a car from Preston but couldn’t because he didn’t have a credit card, and then visited his mother’s home and left in the SUV. He travelled by bus before he drove his mother’s car.

Police were unable to find the hard drive or account for the other $4000, the court heard.

‘‘I should be locked up. It was deliberate. There were voices.’ (here)

UPDATE – December 7th, 2018

Noori faces Supreme Court for 17 counts