Melbourne – stabbing attack – March 2020

Melbourne, Australia a lone attacker stabs a PSO then attacks three others.

10:40pmThe attacker a 34 year old Roxburgh Park man, Mohammed Ibrahim embarked on a stabbing spree across the inner suburban eastern suburbs.

Map 1.

The first attack took place at Jolimont Station where a Protective Services Officer (PSO) was slashed.

The attacker then travels by train to Glenferrie and walks the area looking for victims. Forty minutes later he stabs two women sitting in a car out the front of their house. One of the women dies at the scene, the other is seriously injured.

At approximately mid-night the next victim, a 59 year old man walking in the street is attacked and later dies of his wound in hospital.

It is this man who relays information to Police which results in a swift ending to this event.

At 12:15amThe attacker, who was known to have contacted police regarding an alleged ISIS cell in Mildura* attempting to kill him, is shot dead after non lethal rounds failed to subdue him.

Roxburgh Park has been an epicentre of extremists in the recent times. (OpKozjak – below) and more *(tangentcode)

Here is another event which was just in the next suburb November 2018 – (tangentcode)

What was the nature of the contact with Police regarding Mildura?

Below – This is the breakdown of the area via Census.

Also – Note the Kew event was a few days after the SuperMoon.