Making a silencer for a Heckler & Koch MP5 – Islamic State Style

This video  shows the manufacture of a silencer for a Heckler & Koch MP5.

The narrator sits in the rear of a vehicle, gingerly screwing on the silencer. A small lathe with the component being manufactured is shown in a split screen format. A short demonstration is performed along side a decibel meter graphic which show the noise suppression characteristics.

The MP5 is a weapon of choice for Navy SEALS and has a dramatic killing effect. This video demonstrates this ability by shooting other car drivers off a highway. Hemo-splatt effects are added which detracts from the dangerous element this video encapsulates, making it seem more like a teenage YouTube video…it isn’t.

The point is that even with basic metal turning equipment deadly devices can be enhanced, and with the plethora of weapons and discarded armoury there would be no shortage of ‘stock’. After a decade of American intervention the occupiers left a vast collection of amour and munitions behind. Similarly in Libya warehouses of Surface to Air missiles vanished into thin air and onto the black market.

With the region currently in deep unrest, with sky rocketing drug addiction, this video lends itself to the notion of an armed guerrilla insurgency existing that are well equipped and supplied, with the ability to adapt faster than any traditional military. Small groups of up to a dozen, well armed and with nothing to loose, roaming the expanse of Northern Iraq like a Mad Max movie; stealing and killing, looting and pillaging.

It is with these ‘cells’ that the prolonged fight will take place, and for many years to come.

Efforts are made by Islamic State media outlets to win hearts and minds in another video demonstrating road construction. (here)


Video below : 

“Mandate of the Baghdad industry Annex muffler and experience of a weapon Sprinkler MP5”