Liege – one day later – May 2018

May 29, 2018 Full Moon. Belgium experienced another violent terror event this time leaving three dead, a brief hostage event attempt ending with a shoot out, and the gunman dusted in the city of Liege east of Brussels.

AMAQ – dated 30 May 2018

The assailant attacks two police officers, takes their firearms and kills them. The stolen police weapons are then used to kill a young man sitting in a parked car outside a school. The assailant then takes a hostage in an attempt to escape which fails ending in a fire fight upon police again, which resulted in injuring four police officers, and the single gunman dusted. 

Early in the media reporting the fact that the man was on “day-leave” from a prison had circulated along with the shouting man and  “Allahu Akbar” camera video.

One day later and the event takes an identity of thirty-six year old Benjamin Herman, a man with a long list of convictions and troubles with drugs. It is now revealed that another man had been murdered prior to the terror event.

(Speaking to Belgian media on Wednesday), Herman’s father said his son had acted normally in the hours before the murders.On Monday I went to get him in prison,”

 “After I picked him up, I led him to a session with a psychiatrist in Namur. He [then] spent time here in the garden with the children, he played with them and he even went for ice creams.” (Guardian)

The result of Prislam radicalization.

Liege was the site of the December 2011 murder-suicide event, Nordine Amari (wiki)

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‘Famous judicial process of Benjamin Herman. This Rochefortois rocked into crime as a teenager, before becoming addicted to cocaine and heroin and multiple convictions. He even escaped from Lantin!”

Abstract from K.L.Lasoen (Ghent Uni – research fellow) Terrorism and Political Violence

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