Libya – Benghazi suicide attack (March 25 2015)

Ben-Bomber 25

ISIL have claimed responsibility for a suicide attack in Benghazi from 25th March 2015.(here) The attack took place in the Lithi district of Benghazi, five of those killed were soldiers, the other two civilians.

This video is a notification of what “Cyrenaica offers” a region in North East Libya. There has been a number of videos in recent weeks that all have the same message of “invitation” to the region for martyrs.

In the video we hear a twenty something year old man, who is wearing a detonation vest with ripcord fuse, explain his beliefs and reasons for doing what he is about to do.

The vehicle is shown demonstrating the arrangement of explosives within the available space in a “how to pack high explosive bombs on the back seat of a car”, along with a few gas tanks for that explosive orange flash hollywood look.



Another ‘not seen before’ element is the drone vision used in this video, which shows the surrounding area and a notably water tower. The drone vision is high quality, however only a small portion of the potential this new tool offers is exploited in this video.


Finally we see the truck laden with explosives leave the compound, it’s suspension maxed out,driving away, then from a distance, through a cracked window, a huge black and orange mushroom cloud appears. Mission Accomplished.

Video below