Khorasan -The Graveyard of Murtadeen 2



Video released through Wilayah Khorasan which shows the over running of an outpost and the capture and execution of the Afghan National Guard. Pictures of the execution were released in May 15th 2016. Khorasan first showed its allegiance in this video from March 2015 (here)


The video shows the mud structure under continued attack, until a white flag is raised, and then ignored as the video continues in first person view of the fire fight. The Afghan National Guard, inside the outpost who were not killed during the attack are hand cuffed and taken captive. The video ends with the execution of the captives by the teenage executioners, which is a deliberate signal that the indoctrination of the Islamic State has been embedded in the next generation.

(As seen in video) March 2015








May 2016


video below