Khayr – Desert Fire Fight – August 2017


Twelve and a half minute video from Khayr, Iraq. The video opens up looking down on a small camp or outpost, when the small munitions start to drop and the target square pops up, the familiar fire fight begins and is over almost as quickly.


The fighters overwhelm the base with the drone bonbing or VBIED kicking off the invasion, the soldiers run into the open desert only to be slowly picked off with ricochet. As the assailants grow tired of this game they drive out and round up the last of the young conscripts. Earlier this month sixty eight soldiers were killed in one attack. (AMN)

The video does afford one stark fact, this region is  in the middle of nothing, and no one is going to be able to get to you quickly, something which the attackers know and as seen in previuos releases from this region, is an element exploited with atypical Maoist guerilla lightening attacks; loot, destroy, retreat.

Frame from video showing the ‘off the shelf’ video transition plug in