Khayr – Desert Fire Fight 2 – August 2017

Close to four minute video from Khayr under the title “Clanging of the Terror” which is a part two to the August release (tangentcode),

The video is similar to other releases and runs along the same story board of mustering the crew and taking off into the empty flat desert to raid and loot an outpost. One thing to notice in this video in comparison to 2014-2015 releases, is that in 2017 Daesh are experiencing increased resistance and getting bloodied noses in the fight.

In late 2014  the ‘fight back’ was a meagre token of its full potential, however in 2017, better trained and confident soldiers give Daesh a good fight back regardless of being out numbered four to one. In this release and the series it takes Daesh an entire day and part of the night to take over a post.