Just Terror – Situational Awareness

Video translated by Al Hayat media which shows the methodology of hand to hand combat with an urban twist. 

The narrator speaks in French as Arabic and English subtitles flow through the bottom third. Several techniques of attacking are shown including the old “distraction” play. The video originally was twenty-eight minutes long but has been uploaded here with one section removed, the bomb making demonstration. The method is nothing new and can be easily found by searching the internet.  

This video should educate people as to what to be aware of in the urban arena.  Situational awareness is paramount in surviving “just terror” tactics.

Step back from the curb when waiting to cross a road, watch who is around you at all times. Do not get distracted. Your iPhone will not save you.

The manufactured material is then used to full effect as a man is shown running with a backpack followed by drone vision of his atomization.