Islamic State Media Release Agenda


Al Kataib video production release “A Gift for the Blessed Eid Al-Adha” a twenty seven minute video built around content from the June 26 2015 attack on the African Union base in Somalia by the Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement, al-Qaeda’s branch in Somalia. The base was manned by 100 soldiers from Burundi, part of a 22,000 man African Union Mission in Somalia. The base came under attack in April 2015, (here). It was shortly after the June 26th 2015 attack, AMISOM forces left the area. (here)  Note : Burundi has its own set of issues as outlined, here in recent time.


The battle is edited amongst dialogue transitions, starting with an Osama bin Laden speech, along with dialogue from a suicide bomber who later drives off to initiate the attack on the AMISOM base at Lego, Lower Shabelle.  As Toyotas with cannons reverse over the poorly constructed defences, the Burundi soldiers, outnumbered and outgunned and with out any support incoming, retreat as they stand little chance of surviving a fire fight. The base is looted and any injured soldiers playing possum are dispatched. 

This particular release timed for Eid-al-Adha, 24th September 2015 is an example of how Islamic State will use events from one region, to push an agenda in another region. The production releases are well subtitled carrying a message of duty and honour with notions of punishment and reward within extreme religious zeal.

As many countries constrict the travel to “no go” zones, hindering the flow of foreign fighters the pressure is now on the Islamic State media outlets to enhance the ‘struggle for Islam’ to a point of indoctrinating and inspiring singular events by individuals or small cells, who may already have grievances against society and the government and just need a tipping edge. This is how that edge begins.

The reality of the content is a small guerrilla force struggling for supply, without a geopolitical address, fighting and dying for an agenda they don’t understand, for a country or region they have never heard of.