Islamic State – A Birthed Nation 1 – Raqqa

Five and half minute video titled “A Birthed Nation” or “Fertile Nation” from Raqqa released June 28th. The video consists primarily of a gesticulating ranting individual as sounds of small arm fires can be heard in the background, the other attendees casting the odd nervous glance around the surrounds. The session ends and moves to a Mosque with the smiling embraces as the faithful spill out back into the streets. The dull expressions on the children should be noted.

One seemingly innocuous detail pops up in the shape of a bowl of “sweets”.

One might ask how do these delicacies appear in a city surrounded by coalition and SAA forces? I found part of that answer in a google search on a town called Maskanah.

The google cache contained photographs of such condiments possibly taken in an effort to show support incoming for the besieged fighters. The last date of the posts was May 30th, 2017, the images which were  removed from the google cache perhaps in an effort to distance the supporters from the fall of Raqqa. Soray is Turkish.

Raqqa’s importance as an ideolgical centre is not lost on Daesh as the title of the video suggests. In recent months affiliates have seized upon this in attempts to reinvigourate the Caliphate in the Asian archipelago of the Philippines and Indonesia as seen in Marawi, a city on the island of Davao, Philippines. (tangentcode) re : Rumiyah 10, June 2017